Our Xplore Alaska Mission

  Here at Xplore Alaska, we are outdoor addicts. Some of us our hunters, Some of us are hikers, but we all are Americans and we believe that it is only right to support and give back to those who have sacrificed in order to allow us the freedoms, we enjoy so much in the outdoors. Not only does the management and staff of Xplore Alaska volunteer with Veteran organization, Rallypoint Outdoors, but Xplore Alaska supports RallyPoint outdoors financially as well. We pass this opportunity to our customers to support this great organization, as well by donating a portion of all profits directly to Rally Point.     RallyPoint was  founded in May of 2016 by a group of U.S. Army Veterans, both Active Duty and Prior Service. This non-profit organization was the vision of Sergeant First Class  Matthew Wellman. RallyPoint Outdoors focuses on providing hunting and fishing mentorship opportunities  for military personnel (Active Duty, retired, medically retired and Honorable Discharge) and their families, as well as Gold Star families at the lowest cost possible to the participant(s). We currently have areas of operation in Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alaska. To date we have hosted a  total of 31 hunting trips and 11 fishing trips serving a total of 97 Veterans and family members. We financially support our operations through donations and fundraisers.  To donate or learn how you could help Rally Point go to: https://www.rallypointoutdoors.com/ 

Xplore Alaska also sees the vital need for conservation of wildlife especially here in Alaska where the majority of the staff relies on wild game every season to feed their families for the winter. It is for this reason and the infinite amount of respect for the wildlife of Alaska, that we choose to also donate a portion of our profits to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. AWCC has a long history of major success stories of conservation in Alaska that spans decades. From the release of the Wood Bison in Alaska for the first time in a century to the care of injured and orphaned animals, AWCC truly is an impressive organization when it comes to the care of Alaska's wildlife.   To find out how you can volunteer or donate to AWCC go to About Us - AWCC